Omer Farouk METIN

Thesis working titleThe Affective Foundations of Public Opinion: How does emotion mediate political engagement in times of crisis?

Thesis suopervisor: Kevin Arceneaux

His dissertation deals with a series of questions concerning how individual emotions transform political decision making during times of crisis? When they encounter politically hard times, what role does affect take for individuals’ choices while evaluating policy issues and the performances of politicians? How do cognition and affect work together to elucidate citizens’ political preferences? When do individuals rely less likely on habitual responses and more likely to weigh alternatives in developing a novel response if there are external shocks? his PhD project will attempt to answer these questions in the context of national crises across France, Turkey, and the United States.His  research aims to make contributions to experimental methodology in the studies of political psychology and public opinion.

Research Fields

Emotions, politic decisions

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