Léa Antonicelli

Léa Antonicelli is teaching fellow in political humanities at Sciences Po and Ph.D. Student at CEVIPOF.

She holds a BA in French Literature and a Master's degree in Philosophy from Paris IV- Sorbonne, as well as a Master's degree in Public Affairs from Sciences Po. Before undertaking a PhD in Political Theory at CEVIPOF-Sciences Po, she taught philosophy to French lycée (secondary level) students.

Her research is supervised by Gil Delannoi at Sciences Po (political science) and by Sandro Chignola from the Università degli Studi di Padova (philosophy). Her work focuses on defining the concept of "uselessness" in politics: her goal is to understand how common usefulness has become the supreme value of any politics and public policy.

Thesis working title: Conceptualiser l’inutilité publique : perspective archéologique sur un axiome du politique . (FR)

Thesis supervisor: Gil Delannoi et Sandro Chignola


Research Fields

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