Janie Pelabay

Janie Pélabay has been an FNSP tenured Research Fellow at CEVIPOF-Sciences Po since 2010. She received her PhD. in political philosophy from the University of Paris-Sorbonne (2004) with a doctoral thesis entitled Contemporary Transformations of Political Liberalism: Taylor and Habermas.

She was a researcher at the University of Montreal (1998-99), at the University of Oxford (2005-06), at the Université libre de Bruxelles as Marie Curie Fellow (2007-08) and as part of the RECON project (2008-09), at the University of Luxembourg (2009-10).

In the field of political theory, she investigates the challenges posed by pluralism to liberal democracy, and contemporary debates on state neutrality, multiculturalism, identity politics and patriotism. Her current research focuses on the political uses of “shared values” in public discourse and policies related to civic education, immigration, and European integration.


Research Fields

Theory of democracy, european politic issues, nations and nationalisms, political philosophy of the State

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