Gil Delannoi

Gil Delannoi is a tenured Senior Research Fellow at the CEVIPOF-Sciences Po (Centre for research in political science). He also lectures on political theory at Sciences Po, and has been a visiting professor at a large number     of universities around the world throughout his career. His research interests include: political theory, history of    ideas, political philosophy, comparative studies, literature and music. Current teaching courses: dimensions of democracy; city-state, empire and nation as political forms; political and moral fables from Zhuangzi to La     Fontaine. Most recent publications in the following fields: theory and practice of democracy, political procedures, history of polities (political forms).

Selected books

  • Sortition: Theory and Practice, Delannoi (Gil) & Dowlen (Oliver) eds, Imprint Academic, 2010.
  • La nation contre le nationalisme , PUF, 2018.
  • Le tirage au sort, comment l’utiliser , Presses de Sciences Po, 2019.

Research Fields

History of political ideas, political philosophy, history of democracy, nationalism

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