Eric Kerrouche

Eric Kerrouche is a CNRS-affiliated Senior Research Fellow at CEVIPOF-Sciences Po. He is a graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Bordeaux and holds two degrees in Law (University of Bordeaux IV) and Modern French Literature (University of Bordeaux IV). He was awarded his PhD in Political Sciences from the University of Bordeaux IV and also holds the HDR (a French qualification authorising the holder to supervise academic research).

He joined the CEVIPOF in 2020, having previously been attached to the Centre Émile Durkheim in Bordeaux. He was a visiting professor at the Université Laval de Québec (2004) and at the University of Colorado in Boulder (2012).

His research focuses on decentralisation and local collectivities in France and in other parts of Europe, parliaments and parliamentary representatives and public opinion.

His recent publications include: Profession: élu.e local.e, Berger Levrault (2020) with Élodie Lavignotte; Le Blues des Maires, Paris, Fondation Jean Jaurès (2018) and Political Representation in France and Germany: Attitudes and Activities of Citizens and MPs, with O. Gabriel and S. Schüttemeyer (Eds.), Palgrave (2018).

He is also a Senator for the Landes region in France and sits on the Commission des Lois.

Research Fields

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