Camille Gélix

Camille Gélix graduated in Political Science from the University of Montreal and in Marketing from HEC Montréal. She also holds a research Master’s degree in Political Marketing from the University of Montreal. She worked as a research assistant at the INRS and CEVIPOF – Sciences Po. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Comparative Politics at the CEVIPOF – Sciences Po. She is also a teaching assistant at Sciences Po. Her research focuses on local politics in large Western cities and examines the impact of civic tech and territorial marketing tools on participatory democracy.

Thesis working title: Le rapport des 16-30 ans à la démocratie participative locale dans les grandes métropoles occidentales et l'impact de la communication territoriale sur leur participation. Comparaison entre Barcelone, Montréal et Paris

Thesis supervisor: Martial Foucault

Research Fields

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