Understanding the French legislative election / first round

Understanding the French legislative election / first round

Analysis by eight researchers
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Researchers at Cevipof have deciphered the results of the first round of the French legislative election as an aid to both French and international readers as they reflect on the outcome of this milestone moment in French electoral history.
Eight researchers, all of whom are specialists in electoral analysis have written short thematic papers from different angles (based on the real results of June 30 last together with data from the 2024 French Electoral Survey, carried by IPSOS France, CEVIPOF, - Sciences Po,Le Monde, Fondation Jean-Jaures, Institut Montaigne)

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  • "Map showing results of the First Round of the Legislative Election 2024"

Pierre-Henri Bono



  • "New Partisan Balances"

Jérôme Jaffré



  • “The National Rally: a dominant, national and ... popular party”

Pascal Perrineau



  • “The National Rally Vote: A Vote for Social Recognition?”

Kevin Arceneaux



  • “The complex equation required for the NR to obtain an absolute majority”

Martial Foucault



  • “The Risky Strategy Adopted by the Left to Tackle the National Rally”

Luc Rouban



  • “The Failure of Emmanuel Macron”

Bruno Cautrès



  • “Younger Voters: the Preference for Radicality But for the Left Rather than the Right”

Anne Muxel


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