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Countries' Covid-19 responses could debunk some myths around the "Abortion pill",

Hazal Atay, The Conversation

The role that fear and anger play on the rise of authoritarian parties (PDF, 371Ko)

Georges E. Marcus, Nicholas A. Valentino,Pavlos Vasilopoulos, & Martial Foucault,  Political Psychology

Debate: When abortion is ‘haram,’ women find strategies to claim their rights

Hazal Atay , The Conversation

 Authoritarianism and political choice in France (PDF, 561Ko)

Pavlos Vasilopoulos & Romain Lachat, Acta Politica.

The rise of populism and the collapse of the left-right paradigm: Lessons from the 2017 French presidential election (PDF, 773Ko)

Discussion Paper with Yann Algan, Elizabeth Beasley, Daniel Cohen et Martial Foucault Centre for Economic Policy Research


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