The Politics of Migration and Asylum Crisis in Europe – PACE

Scientific Coordination

Hélène Thiollet


The perception of “migration as crisis” is a central factor in understanding the politics of migration and asylum in today’s Europe, and beyond. The migration crisis has spurred intense and ongoing research and policy debates.
In this context, little research has been devoted to the role of non-state actors in the crisis and to their reaction to recent developments in migration and asylum dynamics. This project addresses this gap. Through empirical research on non-state actors, as well as through analytical insights on their role in the crisis, PACE will therefore contribute to our understanding of the crisis. In so doing, this project will also develop an alternative take on the crisis, understood not only as a matter of flows and numbers of migrants but also as a broadly-defined social and political construction.

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Type of project


Axe 1 : Interpréter les crises [Revisiting crises: comparative perspectives on the framing and organisational dynamics of migration and asylum crises]

Axe 2 : S'approprier la crise [Whose crisis? Transnational contestation of European policies in Europe and beyond]


Les actualités PACE :

  • Colloque final de PACE les 14 & 15 septembre 2023
    "Exil, passage et refuge. Solidarité et criminalisation hier et aujourd’hui"
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  • Cycle de rencontres « médias-migrations, la fabrique de l’opinion », en partenariat avec Désinfox-Migrations.
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  • Journée d’étude du programme PACE "Exil et politique, l’espace-temps de la politisation en exil" organisé par Migrinter le 9 et 10 juin 2022.
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