Matteo Cavallaro

2019-07 - 2020-06

Visiting Post-doctoral researcher

Université technologique de Compiégne

Matteo Cavallaro is a sociologist studying the interactions between economic policy and the political system within the EU. He holds a PhD in economics and sociology from Paris 13 University and published on various academic journals in both English and French (European Union Politics, Comparative Italian Politics, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Echogéo, Migrations Sociétés). His latest book, Una Nuova Italia, analyzes class-level voting patterns at 2018 Italian general election and links them to changes in the positioning of the main Italian parties, especially on economic issues He is currently teaching Economics of the European Integration at Sciences Po. Outside of the academic world, he works as a quantitative analyst at Quorum S.a.S, an Italian pollster specialized in public opinion research, where he coordinates survey analyses and quantitative research projects.

Research interests

Radical right parties, economics of discrimination, election studies

Research project you intend to pursue at the CEE

“Italy: a populist hegemony fueled by austerity?”

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