Social Security / Health Insurance

Social Security / Health Insurance

The mandatory French social security system will reimburse between 30% and 70% of your health expenses, depending on the category of doctor, treatment, and medicines prescribed.  This insurance costs 215€ and should be completed as one of the steps of your Administrative Registration (Inscription Administrative).

Student insurance policies provide coverage from the end of August until the following year.*  For those students who start in January must purchase an insurance policy as with all students.  If you plan to stay through the end of the fall semester, this means you must purchase a new policy for the 2nd part of your stay in France, as it will automatically expire at the end of August  To be clear, as required by the French social security system, you will need to pay the 215€  twice during a one year stay, in this situation.

All students up to 28 years of age are required by French law to subscribe to this mandatory student insurance.  Students who are already 28 years old on the first day of classes in September are ineligible for the student insurance, and must seek out and subscribe to their own medical insurance.  For more information, dial 3646 from any French telephone, or visit the site:

Sciences Po students (except EU students who hold a European health insurance card) must be affiliated with the Sécurité Sociale system, and as part of their administrative registration must also choose a payment centre, LMDE or SMEREP, for the reimbursement of their healthcare costs.  The two options are approximately the same, and the price and services are equal.

Complementary Health Insurance

Alongside the required "Sécu" system, students have the option to purchase complementary health insurance from a private provider which will increase their total insurance coverage up to 100% reimbursemnt of your health expenses.  This may be particularly interesting if you have ongoing treatment for a specific condition, or if you will be at Sciences Po for a longer period of time.

Both LMDE or SMEREP, the two French national student health insurance payment centres also offer services as mutuelles, thus providing a complementary insurance.  It is recommended that you research the many possible options available in France for the specific type of complementary insurance plan that would be best suited to your needs.  For more information, please check France's social security website:

It should be noted that the effective dates of the complementary insurance policies offered from both LMDE and SMEREP begin on October 1st and end on September 30th.  It is possible that you may find another mutuelle with coverage dates that are effective immediately, or effective when you plan to arrive in France.

We advise you to read thoroughly the Sciences Po webpage on social security and complementary  insurance.