Reimbursement Procedures

Attention students from the European Union:  If you are using a medical provider from your home country, we STONGLY SUGGEST you contact them or research their website to understand their requirements for reimbursement, and how much of your medical expenses they will reimburse.

For detailed information about the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), please find the details pertaining to people from your specific country.  All 32 participant countries are represented and information is provided in your country's official language.

Reimbursement from Sécurité Sociale, via SMEREP or LMDE

The following applies only to students of less than 28 years of age who are insured through the student health insurance policies via SMEREP or LMDE.

Before you receive your carte vitale, when you see a doctor, he will give you a brown and white form called a "feuille de soin". This form is partially completed by the doctor and partially by you, including your address, signature and social security number. To initiate the reimbursement procedure, this form must be sent

It should also be noted that reimbursements can only be made into a French bank account. Once you're fully integrated intot he Social Security system, reimbursement usually takes between 3-6 weeks. In the beginning however, this can take longer, up to a couple of months. The insurance company does not issue cheques, pay cash, nor does it reimburse to foreign bank accounts.

Learn about the many important advantages to opening a French bank account and how to do it easilyIf you absolutely do not wish to have a French bank account, you may have the reimbursement sent to a friend who has an account in a French bank. This may take slightly longer than usual.

Using your Carte Vitale

Once you receive your carte vitale and you are integrated into the sécurite sociale system, reimbursement become a lot easier and quicker! In general, when you pay for your doctor visit, they will also insert your carte vitale in a special card reader that communicates with the sécurité sociale system, which initiates your reimbursement that will be transferred electronically into your bank account.  This normally takes only a couple of weeks.

At the pharmacist, it is often the case that you need not even pay for medication.  With your carte vitale (and your card from your complementary insurance, if you've chosen to purchase it), the coverage is usually automatic and immediate.  You present your card with the prescription form, and if the pharmacist has a card reader available, you can avoid the steps of laying out the money and needing to be reimbused later.  It's a wonderful thing!