If you are coming to Sciences Po, your first concern will probably be finding a place to live. Sciences Po's housing information service is there to guide you. Sciences Po even offers a listing service of apartments currently available in Paris. 

N.B. Sciences Po is not a real estate agency and does not search for housing for you.  This listing service is self-service; however, the lasndlords on this listing service have been pre-screened by Sciences Po and are generally trustworthy.  They are often frequent users of this service, so they are used to our students.  Old listings are automatically removed from this service, so listings remain fresh and active.

Important:  Sciences Po takes no responsibility for any interaction between potential landlords found through this service.  Students are encouraged to use caution at all times.  For more detailed advice, make an appointment with the Housing information service.

As a general rule, it's a lot easier and less expensive to find a place to live in a regional city than in Paris, but having said that everyone eventually gets a pad in the French capital, too. It just might cost you some nervous energy.

Housing assistance

Be aware that you may be able to receive financial aid for housing from the CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales). This benefit is for French and international students, renters of an empty or furnished apartment, boarders, a student residence or a foyer. However, if you plan to sublet, the owner must give their written agreement in order for you to receive this benefit.

For more information on housing assistance and to make your first request, visit the CAF website.

Housing in your city

See here for more information about housing in each of the cities where our campuses are located, plus contacts who can answer your questions:

Advice: you will have a better chance of getting the place of your dreams if you plan ahead and arrive in the city several days before classes start (or several weeks in the case of Paris). This will not only allow you to make visits in person but also give you a better idea of what is available.

Attention: beware of agencies which ask you to pay money to get a list of "available apartment".

Housing in Paris

Sciences Po's housing information service is there to guide you, advise you and put you in touch with organisations and individuals who can help you.

The Sciences Po housing service and the Bureau des Elèves (BDE) also run a housing advertisements website for Sciences Po students.

Email : info.logement@sciences-po.fr

Practical websites

Temporary accommodation

While you look for a permanent solution, you can always rent a room for a day, a week, or monthly at a youth hostel. This will cost you less than a standard hotel room.