Administrative information

Administrative and student services can help you to complete all of the formalities necessary when you arrive, such as getting a student card and registering for social security / health insurance.  Their offices are located at 9, rue de la chaise 75007 Paris.

Student services is responsible for three main operations:

  • Registration with Social security: an important and compulsory procedure that is completed as part of your adminsitrative registration. This affiliation guarantees that you will have health care coverage throughout the academic year.
  • Processing of tuition fee payments: also completed as part of your adminsitrative registration. The team ensures that everything runs smoothly by providing information on calculating the rates, means of payment, and the possibilities of a payment plan to accomodate your financial situation.
  • Delivering your student card: this card is vital for accessing the Library and student discounts (for public transport, cultural activities, etc.) It is valid for the duration of your studies at Sciences Po, depending on your level (undergraduate, Master, etc.). Each year, you will be sent a sticker to place on the card, renewing its validity.