Le Havre campus student associations

At Sciences Po, associations help students in their personal growth through artistic, athletic and civic activities.

These activities are an integral part of the university's educational model, which emphasises accountability, teamwork, public speaking, civic-mindedness and humanism. Sciences Po encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities in order to foster their personal and academic growth.

Arts - Bureau des arts (BDA)

The Bureau des Arts de Sciences Po Le Havre, is a student association aiming to the integration of campus through diverse artistic platforms and activities. We are concerned with finding and enhancing the hidden and not-so-hidden talents of our... Find out more

Athletics - Association Sportive (AS)

Our mission is to create an inclusive, active sports community at the Sciences Po Euro-Asian campus. We also aim to ensure and facilitate students' access to health services in Le Havre. A great variety of competitive and non-competitive sports... Find out more

Bureau des élèves (students' bureau)

The BDE stands for "Bureau des Elèves", we are an on-campus student association of six members, elected for a year in the beginning of the second semester whose job is to provide the support and assistance that any student on the campus needs. Do... Find out more

Year Representatives

The year representatives of Sciences Po, Europe-Asia Campus du Havre are the elected representatives of the student body. Our objective is to facilitate the interactions between the administrative team and the students of the campus. Additionally,... Find out more

Team projects

Campus Festival

Organization of one of the high point of the year on campus : a campus festival during one week, with dance performances, concerts, debates, musical, etc. You help reveal all the artistic talents we have on campus!

Cooking, Culture, and Community

Join a very international cooking team to show off all the gastronomic backgrounds and share the best recipes!

Eat responsibly / Live responsibly

Raise awareness around organic food and implement the delivery of fresh products to students and Le Havre inhabitants.

Economic Press Review

You think that economic debates offered by traditional media are poor and boring? This group explores the economic news behind the scene. Three times a semester, an investigative news research is prepared and dissected with an economist.

Le Havre - Dalian project

The French city of Le Havre is twinned with the Chinese city of Dalian. We are celebrating the 30 years of this partnership this year. Help the city organise a big event showing the depth of the relations between France and China.

Passerelle Europe-Asie

This teamproject consists on promoting and explaining the Europe-Asia relations and the Asian cultures in diverse Le Havre elementary schools, throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to interact with kids and teach them aboutcultural diversity

Sciences Po Environment

A project devoted to environmental issues on campus and beyond. Boost environmental awareness in the city of Le Havre thanks to videos, posters, etc.

Sciences Po Meetings

Organise meetings with artists, scientists, political leaders, entrepreneurs, sport heroes… Who come to share their passion or their knowledge with our campus community.

Sharing Asian Movies With Prisoners

Several movie screenings are scheduled all along the year in the Le Havre jail. Students run debates and discussions with prisoners, and share Sciences Po open-mindness with them. A really great human experience!

Team CEP

A teamproject rooted in the sheer identity of our campus. Students help/coach high school students preparing Sciences Po and coming from a few underpriviledged "lycées Convention Éducation Prioritaire" located in Haute Normandy.