A word from the Director

Andreas Roessner, Director of the Campus life department

Andreas Roessner

"The communication of knowledge, certainly, but also the development of aptitudes, and perhaps more importantly, the encouragement of attitudes".

These few words, taken from Sciences Po's educational programme, say it all.

Student life at Sciences Po is an integral part of this vision: the pursuit of self-development and fulfilment by way of a broad skill set (intellectual, physical, artistic…) as well as a wide range of activities (conferences, exhibitions, competitions, debates, concerts, voluntary work…), and through interaction with people from all walks of life (their peers at Sciences Po but also above and beyond life on campus)..

The Campus life department supports student initiatives and the active commitment of all those who wish to participate, whether it be through an association, a student union, a campaign, a sport or a cultural activity.

We encourage students to imagine, propose, incite and create. Our mission is to accompany them in the achievement of their projects, their ideas and their dreams.

With this aim in mind, each member of the team places his or her skills at the students' disposal.