Preparing Your Arrival

Pre-College Programme
  • Entrance of the Reims campus (photo: Martin Argyroglo)Entrance of the Reims campus (photo: Martin Argyroglo)

Travel Plans: Arrival

In 2017, each student was responsible for securing his or her own transportation to and from Paris. The Summer School team met students at the airport.

Students who wished to join the group directly in Reims were able to arrange this with the Summer School Team individually.


Check the visa requirements for your particular country for a short-term stay in France. Students from some countries are able to attend the Summer School as tourists and as such do not need a visa, while others may be required to obtain a short-term student visa. Upon receipt of your tuition payment, your Summer School admissions letter may be used in your visa application as your proof of study and accommodation for your stay in France.  Please refer to the individual country regulations on your local French consulate website or on the France Diplomatie website.

Please note that you will need to provide proof of parental authorisation to participate in the programme as part of a visa application.

Health insurance

Foreign nationals staying less than three months in France are not eligible for French health insurance. It is required to subscribe to a comprehensive health insurance policy for the duration of your stay.

Stay in touch

The Summer School team provides regular communication regarding your arrival, orientation, and preparation for courses.