How to Apply

Pre-College Programme

The application for the 2019 Pre-College Programme will open in January 2019.

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Application timeline and deadlines

The Pre-College Programme has rolling admissions; the admission jury meets regularly and candidates may expect to receive a response approximately one month after submitting a complete application.

Please note that there are a limited number of spots available in the programme. Candidates are therefore encouraged to apply early on in order to maximize the chances of their application being considered. The number of spots available decreases as the deadline approaches and admissions will close when the programme is full.

The final deadline to submit an application for the Pre-College Programme is will be in May 2019.

Required information and documents

If you wish to start preparing your application for the 2019 session, please find below the list of documents and information you will need to provide.

  • Personal information (name, address, etc.) and identity photo
  • Identity card or passport
  • Academic background information
  1. Certificate of enrolment from current secondary school (official document provided by the school that confirms current and past enrolment AND expected graduation date).
  2. Academic transcripts indicating classes taken and grades received for the academic years 2018-19 and 2017-18/
  • English language level verification for candidates who are not native English speakers. Find a list of accepted language level verifications on the Eligibility page.
  • Explanation of motivation (in English): this critical component of your an opportunity for you to explain your goals for your course of study at the Summer School’s Pre-College Programme. The letter must be written in English and the text space is limited to 1000 words or less. We kindly ask candidates to indicate their preferences in terms of elective courses.
  • Letter of recommendation: this letter may be written (in French or in English) by a teacher, a supervisor for an internship, or any other person capable of attesting your personal motivation and academic performance.

Note: if your referee prefers to send us your recommendation letter directly, he/she can email it to us at Before submitting your application, please leave a few lines of explanation in the "Recommendation Letter" section. Once we have received your recommendation letter, will add it to your application file. Please note that your submitted application will not be examined until we have received the letter from your referee.