Targetted, Professional Programmes

Master in Public Policy

Prepares the public affairs professionals of tomorrow, in the public and private sectors, at local and global levels...


Master in European Affairs

Trains policy actors at the European level, whether in the European or national public sector or in the private sector…


Master in Public Affairs

Sciences Po's flagship full-time one-year programme for mid-career professionals interested in public policy and the interaction of public and private sectors


Dual degrees

Dual degree programmes with some of the most prestigious institutions: SIPA-Columbia University, LSE, GRASPP - University of Tokyo, Fudan University, Saint Gallen University, Freie Universität, Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Bocconi, HEC and the Louvre museum.


A great diversity of carreers worldwide

Public & Private

The School will train political and administrative officials, private sector executives that interact closely with the public sector, and social entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, trade unionists, communicators.

Local & Global

The professional scope of graduates will range from local to global, including the regional, national, European, non-governmental and international levels.

Reflection & Action

The School trains both the researchers and thinkers of public policy and those who implement it.