University Scholarship Project in Burundi - project created by the students

Année universitaire: 
Langue du projet: 

Profil des étudiants

This project is created by the students.

Partenaire(s) du projet

Burundikids e.V et Fondation Stamm

Personne(s) responsable(s) / tuteur(s) pédagogique(s) du projet

Mr. Philipp Ziser (burundikids e.V., Head of Communication, Coordination & Human Resources)

Contexte du projet

Burundi’s history of violent conflicts is still apparent in its economic and social structure today. The country is ranked 180 of 187 countries in the Human Development Index 2014 while 65% of its population is under the age of 24. This puts significant pressure on the educational system as illustrated by the high school graduation rate of 48% and an average number of school attendance of 2.5 years. Only 1% of 18-22 year olds continue their education at university level.

Given Burundi’s context, the objective and measures of the Projet Collectif are the following:

Contenu pédagogique du projet

Descriptif général de la mission

Strengthening the capacities of Burundian high school graduates to empower them to sustainably contribute to the further development of their immediate environment.

  1. Provision of full academic scholarships (including tuition fees, living costs & housing) for Burundian graduates who are not able to afford university education for the duration of their first academic degree in Burundi (B.A. or equivalent). Hence, the selection of candidates will be need-based and with regards to gender equity. 
  2. Support of a social project realized by the scholars during or after their studies, monitored & evaluated by Fondation Stamm employees in Burundi. The project is proposed by the candidates prior to the application. Therefore, it empowers them to enhance their capacities to make a sustainable contribution to society.

Objectif(s) spécifique(s) du travail demandé

The members of the Project Collectif will gain significant experience in project management of NGOs and fundraising by learning “on-the-job”. They will build upon the experiences of burundikids e.V. (who have funded the activities of the Fondation Stamm since 2003) and also acquire specific knowledge on the implementation of educational projects in a conflict-affected society through a mutual North-South exchange facilitated by the Fondation Stamm. Interviews with development professionals at the UNESCO Field Office in Bujumbura, Burundi, and other field officials will complement the information on the Burundian case and allow for the identification of obstacles in the project’s implementation. Considering the project bilingual nature of the project, this will not only prepare students to facilitate non-profit projects in an international context, but also understand the communication challenges faced in such projects. Additionally, organizing the teamwork efficiently through the distribution of work and effective communication is essential to the project’s success.

Résultat et produits attendus

  • Document: Comprehensive project proposal in English and French, including the following information: 
  1. Analysis of the Burundian crisis, the current education system and their implications for the project; ● Understanding the concept of conflict-sensitive aid and relevance to the project; 
  2. Specific form of inclusive cooperation with burundikids and Fondation Stamm e.g. selection committee of scholars (including Burundian members) and the selection criteria of the scholars; 
  3. Incorporation of the gender issue in Burundi. 
  • Document: Fundraising concept, including the following information: 
  1. Coordination between Projet Collectif and burundikids; 
  2. Number and nature of events planned e.g. panel discussions; 
  3. Timeline for the implementation of scheduled events. 
  • Implementation of fundraising events as scheduled in the fundraising concept 
  1. Benchmark: Minimum 4,300EUR (average budget for one scholarship for the duration of three year as priorly calculated by Fondation Stamm and members of the Projet Collectif) 
  • Implementation of first round of scholarships starting in June 2015 including advertising for project in Burundi, selection process of candidates on the basis of discussed criteria 
  • Institutionalize the project as Projet Collectif for the following academic year through further recruitment of students to replace current team

Déroulement du projet


Cooperation with burundikids in Germany:

  • Two skype conferences per month, as well as additional skypes as necessary in order to give advice on the work progress regarding the concept paper of the project and the management of fundraising activities. 

Cooperation with Fondation Stamm and other partners in Burundi:

  • Interviews through surveys and skype conferences with the Burundian responsible at Fondation Stamm on topics regarding the efficient implementation of the scholarship, social situation of students and quality of the Burundian university system. 
  • Interviews with representatives of the UNESCO Field Office in Bujumbura, specifically Yvonne Matuturu (Chef de bureau) and Mbawa Mwenyebatu (Coordinator of the Capacity Development for Education for All Programme/CapEFA in Burundi) on similar topics of interest to the project’s implementation. 
  • Interviews with other stakeholders in the educational sector envisioned. 

Internal cooperation of the members of the projet collectif

  • Weekly meetings in alternating locations to distribute work load and discuss individual progress. 
  • In addition, cloud services will be used for a transparent documentation of the team’s activities and a permanent exchange in between meetings. 

Expected duration of the project: 

  • Project Proposal: 
  1. Interviews and complementary research 01. Oct - 30. Nov 2015 
  2. Finalizing a comprehensive proposal 01. Oct - 15. Dec 2015 
  • Fundraising Concept: 
  1. Primary consultation with burundikids e.V. October 2015 
  2. Finalizing a concept with timeframe 01. Oct - 15. Dec 2015 
  • Implementation of fundraising activities 15. Dec 2015 - 30. Jul 2016 
  • Implementation of scholarship 
  1. Create advertising material and its distribution in Burundi May - Jun 2016 
  2. Incoming applications Jun - Jul 2016 
  3. Inclusive selection process as lined out in proposal Aug - Sept 2016
  4. First scholar at university Oct 2016 - B.A.


  • Computers will be provided for the duration of the Team Project 
  • The students will have access to the meeting room with a phone and a computer at Sciences Po.
  • Due to the cooperation partner’s location in Germany, burundikids e.V. will provide guidance and advice throughout the conceptualization of the project and the planning of fundraising events, drawing from their experience. Furthemore, it will facilitate the student’s work progress by providing local contacts in Burundi. Throughout the project, the students will be able to act through the cooperation partner’s infrastructure which will provide the necessary tools and requirements for the project. For instance, Monitoring & Evaluation, as well as administrative processes carried out by the Fondation Stamm will be in line with the objectives and standards set up in the project proposal.

Informations complémentaires

The project was inspired by the experience of one of the members of the team, Fabian Schuster, during the course of a six-month internship at the UNESCO Field Office in Bujumbura, Burundi, in 2014/2015.