Juliette Galonnier

Docteure en sociologie
  • Juliette Galonnier (OSC)Juliette Galonnier (OSC)

CV de Juliette Galonnier

Double diplôme de sociologie Sciences Po / Northwestern University.

Récompenses - Prix Presidential Fellowhip, Northwestern University, 2015
Winch prize, best 2nd year Paper, Northwestern University, 2014

Thèse soutenue le vendredi 2 juin 2017 à Sciences Po Paris.
Jury : Valérie AMIRAUX (Montreal University), Carolyn CHEN (Co-dir, University of California, Berkeley), Gary FINE (Northwestern University), Aldon MORRIS (Northwestern University), Marco OBERTI (Co-dir, Sciences Po), Olivier ROY (European University Institute, Florence).


puce Sujet de thèse

Choosing Faith and Facing Race: White Converts to Islam in France and the United States
Directeurs de thèse : Marco Oberti, Carolyn Chen
Résumé de la thèse

puce Publications

2016 (avec Solène Brun), « Devenir(s) minoritaire(s). La conversion des Blanc-he-s à l'islam en France et aux États-Unis comme expérience de la minoration », Tracés, 2016-1, n° 30, p. 29-54. Lien vers le site CAIRN

2015, with Diego de los Rios, "Teaching and Learning to Be Religious: Pedagogies of Conversion to Islam and Christianity", Sociology of Religion, first published December 7. Oxford Journals 

2015, "The racialization of Muslims in France and the United States: Some insights from white converts to Islam", Social Compass, vol. 62, n° 4, p. 570-583. Sage journals

2015, "The Enclave, The Citadel and the Ghetto: The Threefold Segregation of Upper-Class Muslims in India", International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, vol. 39, n° 1, p. 92-111.

2014, « Économie d’un méga-bidonville.  Commentaire de l’ouvrage de Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky, Dharavi : From Mega-Slum to Urban Paradigm »,  La Vie des idées, 22 janvier.

2013, « Compte-rendu de l’ouvrage de Céline Loudier-Malgouyres, Le retrait résidentiel à l’heure de la métropolisation », Revue Française de Science Politique, vol. 63, n° 6, p. 1217-1218.

2013, with Violette Graff, "Hindu-Muslim communal riots in India II (1986-2011), Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, 30 août, http://www.massviolence.org/Hindu-Muslim-Communal-Riots-in,738.

2013, with Violette Graff, "Hindu-Muslim communal riots in India I (1947-1986), Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, 30 août, http://www.massviolence.org/Hindu-Muslim-Communal-Riots-in,736.

2012, « Une liberté anxiogène. Être Indien et Sud-Africain dans la période postapartheid », La Vie des idées, 3 décembre, http://www.laviedesidees.fr/Une-liberte-anxiogene.html

2012, “Freedom as anxiety. Indian South Africans in the post-apartheid city. Reviewed: Thomas Blom, Melancholia of Freedom: Social Life in an Indian Township in South Africa, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2012”, Books & Ideas, 14 novembre. http://www.booksandideas.net/Freedom-as-Anxiety.html

2012, “Aligarh: Sir Syed Nagar and Shah Jamal. Contrasted Tales of a Muslim City”, in GAYER, Laurent, JAFFRELOT, Christophe (dir.), Muslims of Indian Cities: Trajectories of Marginalization, London/New York: Hurst/Columbia University Press.

puce Communications

5-6 Juillet 2017, Session Chair and Organizer, Thematic Session 45 "Muslims and Race in Europe", 34th Conference of the ISSR (International Society for the Sociology of Religion), Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Mars 2014, "Learning to be Muslim: American converts to Islam and the collective learning of Muslimness", Chicago Ethnographic Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston (ILL).

Octobre 2013, "Learning to be Muslim: American converts to Islam and the development of a Muslim self", Graduate Conference Ways of Knowing, Harvard Divinity School, 25-26 octobre.

Mars 2012, “The spatial expression of stigmatization: Muslim neighborhoods and the experience of segregation”, Joint Conference Sciences Po-UCLA, "Migration, Ethnicity and Urban Inequality in Europe", Los Angeles, 2-3 mars 2012.


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