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March 17, 2015



Jeudi 19 mars

USPC's Réseau Recherche Europe training cycle on European projects: Monter un projet européen (initiation)

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Lundi 23 mars

Mobility Grants Call for Proposals: deadline

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Seminars and Conferences  

Lunch Seminar

Friday 20 March 2015

Lunch seminar : Dylan GLOVER and Eiji YAMADA - March 20th

Dylan Glover will speak first then Eiji Yamada (2nd speaker) will present The Economic Determinants of Air Pollution Emission in China: the Effect of Agglomeration.

More about Dylan GLOVER and his research

More about Eiji YAMADA and his research

Date: Friday, March 20th - 12:30 - 14:30

Location: Department of Economics, 28 Rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Room H101

Please be sure to register before Thursday at 5:00 PM : doodle

Lunch seminars are dedicated to presentations by doctoral students from Sciences Po and also for research in progress by academics at Sciences Po. Second and third year PhD students are strongly advised to present here their first or second thesis chapter. Friday 12h30.




Departmental Seminar: Torsten PERSSON (IIES) - March 24th

The primary effect: Preference votes and political promotions (PDF), joint with Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne.

Date: TUESDAY, March 24th - 14:45 - 16:45

Location: Department of Economics, 56 rue des Saints Pères, Paris 7 - Room GOGUEL

If you would like an appointment with the speaker, please email Leïla Brunoir.

More about Torsten PERSSON and his research

Departmental seminars are Research Seminars with a focus on the field of the speakers. Meetings with the seminar speakers are an important component of the department seminar. PhD students, in particular in their third or fourth year, must use this opportunity to talk about their work.

Banque de France  / Sciences Po RESEARCH SEMINAR

Wednesday 25 March 2015


Banque de France/Sciences Po Research Seminar - March 25th

The next Banque de France/Sciences Po Research Seminar "Banks and the Financial System: what regulation?" will host Mathias DEWATRIPONT (Vice Governor of the National Bank of Belgium) on the theme:

What protection for Bank Liabilities?

The Seminar will also host Vivien LEVY-GARBOUA (Affiliated Professor of the Department) to provide the practitioner’s view.

Date: Wednesday, March 25th - 17:00 at 19:00

Location (EXCEPTIONAL venue): Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution, 
61, rue de Taitbout, 75009 Paris - Auditorium Victoire

Banque de France / Sciences Po Research Seminars discuss issues on banking, financial systems and financial regulation. The objective is to confront the approaches and ideas of academics and practitioners. Tuesday, 17:00 - 19:00, once a month.

Seminars are organized by Vivien Levy-Garboua (BNP Paribas), Robert Ophèle (Banque de France), Philippe Martin and Guillaume Plantin (Professors of Sciences Po).


Thursday 26 March 2015


*NEW* Applied Micro Lunch Seminar: Allan DRAZEN (University of Maryland, visiting PSE) - March 26th

Does “Being Chosen to Lead” Induce Non-Selfish Behavior? Experimental Evidence on Reciprocity (PDF), joint with  E. Y. Ozbay.

Date: Thursday, March 26th - 12:30 - 14:00

Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères, Paris 7 - Room H 402

More about Allan DRAZEN and his research

The Applied Micro Lunch Seminar is dedicated to presentations by Sciences Po faculty, working on Applied Micro topics. Occasionally, visitors and student may also be invited to present.

Latest news  



Sergei GURIEV is appointed President of the ISNIE

Sergei Guriev, who joined the Department of Economics as Full Professor this past Fall, will be taking the helm of the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) in 2016.

ISNIE (home page) is "an interdisciplinary enterprise combining economics, law, organization theory, political science, sociology and anthropology to understand the institutions of social, political and commercial life... but its primary language is economics. Its goal is to explain what institutions are, how they arise, what purposes they serve, how they change and how - if at all – they should be reformed."

Among his duties, Sergei GURIEV will be in charge of organising ISNIE's Annual Conference in 2016 at Sciences Po - after Harvard, and before Columbia -  with the support of the Department and LIEPP.

Warmest congratulations!

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2nd Session of LIEPP's Urban Economics Seminar with Frédéric ROBERT-NICOUD (Geneva School of Economics and Management) - March 20th

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OFCE Workshop iAGS: independent Annual Growth Survey - March 25th

The OFCE is pleased to present the 2015 iAGS coauthored by the IMK (Germany) and ECLM (Netherlands) Institutes.

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LSE / Sciences Po Faculty Mobility Scheme : Call for Applications

LSE and Sciences Po are delighted to continue their long-term academic collaboration through an annual faculty mobility scheme.

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Invitation to attend the ceremony for "Le Prix du Meilleur Article Financier"

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BUSINESS and Economics


ODDO & Cie : Call for Applications for "Talent Days"

Thinking of a career in investment banking and asset management?

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The 3rd edition of the national competition "La parole aux étudiants!" is launched

Have you imagined what « work » will look like for you tomorrow ?

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The Institut pour l’Education Financière du Public (IEFP) launches the 1st edition of its Grand Prix "La finance pour tous".

What do you have to say about young people's attitude(s) towards money ?

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Jobs and internships ads  

A selection of job and internship offers by the department's partners


Internship - Rothschild

Sciences Po's Department of Economics is pleased to relay the opportunities offered by its institutional partner: Rothschild.

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Job Offers - OECD

Sciences Po's Department of Economics is pleased to relay the opportunities offered by its institutional partner: the OECD.

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Other news


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