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June 10, 2014



Mercredi 11 juin

Yann Algan has been nominated as Junior Member of the IUF

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Mercredi 11 juin

Philippe Martin, Discussant for the event on Morocco

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Seminars and Conferences  

Lunch Seminar

Friday 13 June 2014

Lunch seminar : Camilo Umana Dajud - June 13th

Thesis title: "Do visas hinder international trade in goods?"

Date: Friday, June 13th - 12:30 - 14:30

Location: Department of Economics, 28 Rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Room H402

More about Camilo Umana Dajud

Please register before Thursday at 10:00 am : doodle

Lunch seminars are dedicated to presentation by doctoral students from Sciences Po and also for research in progress by academics at Sciences Po. Second and third year PhD students are strongly advised to present here their first or second thesis chapter. Friday 12h30.

Departmental Seminar

Monday  16 June 2014


Departmental Seminar : David Laibson (Harvard) - June 16th

"Self Control and Liquidity:How to Design a Commitment Contract" joint with John Beshears (Harvard University & NBER), James J. Choi (Yale University & NBER), Christopher Harris (University of Cambridge), Brigitte C. Madrian (Harvard University & NBER), Jung Sakong (University of Chicago)

Date: Monday, June 16th - 14:45 - 16:15

Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères, Paris 7 - Room H405

More about David Laibson

If you want an appointment with the Speaker, please, email at leila.brunoir@sciencespo.fr

Monday seminars are research seminars with a focus on the field of the speakers. Meetings with the seminar speakers are an important component of the department seminar. PhD students, in particular in their third or fourth year, must use this opportunity to talk about their work.

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Trade Seminar

Tuesday  17 June 2014


Trade Seminar Sciences Po / PSE: Tibor BESEDES (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Date: Tuesday June 17th, from 14:30 - 16:00

Location: 106-112 boulevard de l'hôpital, 75013 Paris - MSE (6th floor)

More about Tibor Besedes

The trade Seminar webpage

Trade seminars (EEP / INRA / Sciences Po) present recent works by French and foreign scholars about International trade and its frontiers with other fields. The seminar has become a major meeting point for trade economists in Paris. Tuesday, 14h45, every 2 weeks.

Summer Workshop in International Finance & Macro Finance

Friday 4 and Saturday 5 July 2014


Summer Workshop in International Finance & Macro Finance Sciences Po Paris: July 4-5

The event is co-sponsored by Sciences Po, the Wisconsin School of Business, the Banque de France, with the financial support from the European Research Council under the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013 Grant Agreement no. 336748) for Nicolas Coeurdacier's ERC project INFINHET.

Julien Matheron (Banque de France), Cyril Monnet (University of Bern), Erwan Quintin (Wisconsin School of Business) and Nicolas Coeurdacier (Sciences Po)

Dates: Friday, July 4 and Saturday, July 5

Location: 27, rue des Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris - Amphitheaters Albert Sorel and Leroy Beaulieu

If you would like to attend please contact Leïla Brunoir for free registration.

You can find the program here

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PEPES Seminar

Thursday 19 June 2014


PSE/ SCIENCES PO: PEPES Seminar: Xavier Gine (World Bank)

"Markets, Contracts, and Uncertainty: A Structural Model of a Groundwater Economy" joint with Hanan Jacoby

Date: Thursday, June 19th - 12:30 - 14:00

Location: Department of Economics, 28, rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Room H405

Please register: doodle

More about Xavier Gine

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Other news

Latest news  

The 2014 SAB: 2 projects have been selected


Ruben Durante has been selected by the 2014 SAB

Ruben Durante's project is entitled "An Offer You Can't Refuse: Mafia, Vote-Buying and Political Capture"

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Sidartha Gordon has been selected by the 2014 SAB

Sidartha Gordon's project is part of an ongoing collaboration with Nicolas Klein, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economis, at Université de Montréal.

Project's title: "Cheap Talk Communication in Stopping Time Games"

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Theses :

Marion Goussé Tuesday 17 June 2014

Gabriel Smagghue Thursday 03 July 2014

Marion Goussé's thesis

Thesis title: "Formation des couples et allocation des ressources au sein des ménages : essais en économie de la famille et de l'éducation"

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Marc Robin

Date: 06/17/2014 at 4:30 pm

Location: 56 rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Room GOGUEL

More about Marion Goussé

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Gabriel Smagghue's thesis

Thesis title: "Essais sur les implications du commerce international et de la régulation du travail sur le comportement des entreprises"

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Thierry Mayer

Date: 07/03/2014 at 1:00 pm

Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Room H405

More about Gabriel Smagghue

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Jobs and internships ads  

A selection of job and internship offers by the department's partners


Alternanceship - HSBC - Assistant Business

If you are interested, you can apply on:

Assistant Chargé d'Affaires Grands Clients (corporate sector group)

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Internship - Société Générale - Analyste Valorisation

If you are interested, you can apply on:

Analyste Valorisation

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Job Offer - Banque de France - Executives


La "Banque de France" will organize on September 6 written exams (only for candidates with a minimum Bac +5)

The registration period is open from May 15th  to July  17th 2014.

If you need further information, you can go here

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Other news


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