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July 10, 2017



Seminars and Conferences  

Banque de FranceĀ  / SciencesPo RESEARCH SEMINAR

Monday September 4


Banque de France/Sciences Po Research Seminar - September 4th

For its inaugural session of the academic year 2017-18, the Banque de France/Sciences Po Research Seminar "Banks and the Financial System: what regulation?" is very pleased to announce that we will host James MCANDREWS (Fellow, Wharton Financial Institutions Center UPenn) on the theme:

The Case for Cash

Charles Goodhart (Professor at LSE, Director of the Financial Regulation Research Programme) will share his views on the subject.

Banque de France / Sciences Po Research Seminars discuss issues on banking, financial systems and financial regulation. The objective is to confront the approaches and ideas of academics and practitioners.

When? MONDAY, September 4th - 5 to 7 PM
Where? TBA

If you would like to attend, please contact Sandrine Le GOFF by email.

Seminars are organized by Vivien Levy-Garboua (BNP Paribas), Robert Ophèle (Banque de France), Guillaume Plantin (Professor of Sciences Po).

NB The next Banque de France / SciencesPo Seminars will take place:
- September 13th, with Hyun-Song SHIN (Economic Advisor and Head of Research at the Bank of International Settlements)

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