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January 4, 2012



Mercredi 4 janvier

Econ News will be published every week to keep you informed about all the events at the department

Mercredi 18 janvier


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Seminars and Conferences  

Trade Seminar EEP/INRA/Sciences Po: Olivier CADOT (Lausanne)

Date: Tue, 2012/01/10 - 14:30 - 16:00 Location: PSE - Campus Maison des Sciences Economiques, 6th floor

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Latest news  

Professors featured among 100 in economics in Enjeux-Les Echos

Benoit Coeuré (associate professor), Pierre Olivier Gourinchas (US Berkeley and visiting professor at the department this semester), Elise Huillery (assistant professor) and Philippe Martin (professor and chairman) are featured in this month issue of Enjeux les Echos in a list of 100 young (below 50) profesionals and academics.

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David Stasavage (NYU) visiting

David Stasavage is visiting the department from January to end of May 2012

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Eppsilon, the Economic Society's magazine - Issue n°3

Eppsilon, the Economic Society's magazine, has been published for the first time in December 2010! Our goal is to create a platform for discussion about economics, providing with an organized mix of as many topics as possible, because economy is everywhere. Thanks to the diversity of the EPP students, the magazine aims to collect engaging articles from the point of view of many different countries. It deals with current affairs and hot topics, economic theories, but also important subjects that are not in the news such as behavioral economics. It includes a portrait of an economist and an exclusive interview.

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Other news

Jobs and internships ads  

The magazine "Finance Grandes Ecoles", No. 22 December 2011

The magazine "Finance Grandes Ecoles", No. 22 December 2011, p14-15, publishes an interview about "Stagiaires et Volontaires internationaux: portraits d'étudiants actifs", with Thomas Gagneret, M1 Master Finance and Strategy, Chairman of the Association for Students of the Master Finance and Strategy.

This interview is available online via the following link:



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