Assistant Professor in Economics (UC Berkeley)

Research stay: June 3rd to 30th, 2015

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Urban Economics; Transportation

Bio :

A new assistant professor at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Victor Couture's research is on the economy of cities. His work on the value of urban density and diversity uses data from Google Maps to provide new evidence on how individuals benefit from urban living. His work on learning and networking in cities offers new insight into how cities facilitate the diffusion of knowledge. Couture's current research focuses on documenting and explaining downtown revival and the urbanization of young professionals in American cities. Couture earned his PhD in economics at the University of Toronto and grew up in Quebec City, Canada.

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Publication(s) dans le cadre du LIEPP :

    Articles et contributions dans des ouvrages collectifs

  • Victor COUTURE , Gilles DURANTON, Matthew TURNER, Speed LIEPP Working Paper, n°51, March 2016