Une baisse du chômage encourageante?

Policy Brief
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Nouveau Policy Brief du LIEPP, par Stéphane Auray et Nicolas Lepage-Saucier:

"Une baisse du chômage encourageante? Non : le marché du travail français est structurellement malade"

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Reorientate apprenticeship

E. Wasmer in Les Echos
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Etienne Wasmer, Pierre Cahuc and Jean Tirole suggest to reorientate apprenticeship policy in France in an article published by Les Echos on the 18th of September (in French).

LeFigaro.fr and Le Nouvel Observateur Education quote their analyse.

Rafael Lalive

Visiting, 15-19 September
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B. Palier co-director of LIEPP

  • Bruno_Palier_co-directeur_du_LIEPPBruno_Palier_co-directeur_du_LIEPP

Since October 1st, 2014, Bruno Palier has taken the role of co-director of LIEPP, along with Etienne Wasmer, following the departure of Cornelia Woll.

CNRS Researcher at Sciences Po (Centre d’études européennes), Bruno Palier is focusing on welfare reforms in Europe, and is currently conducting various comparative projects. He notably co-animated "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group at LIEPP. This Research Group will keep on its activities under the supervision and impulsions of Clément Carbonnier and Nathalie Morel. To know more about Bruno Palier, take a look at his profile on our website, or on the website of Centre d'Études européennes at Sciences Po.

Cornelia Woll leaves the co-direction of LIEPP, after dedicating herself to the project, from its first blueprint in 2010 until the end of her 3-year-long mandate. Her remarkable knowledge of the academic research field and of Sciences Po, as well as her experience as the Deputy Scientific Director of Sciences Po were priceless to set up the Research Center and promote the dialog between disciplines. Cornelia Woll will devote herself to MaxPo, another high level research center, for which she succeeded in getting funding with a prestigious partner, the Max Planck institute. Cornelia Woll acts as a co-director of Maxpo, along with Olivier Godechot.

Etienne Wasmer will keep on leading LIEPP along with Bruno Palier. Find here the speech he addressed to LIEPP members at the beginning of the academic year (in French).

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Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability, and Corruption

Quoc-Anh Do in the American Economic Review
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Congratulations to Quoc-Anh Do, associate professor in economics at LIEPP, for the recent publication of his article “Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability, and Corruption: Evidence from US States” in the esteemed American Economic Review (click here to read the final draft post-refereeing, August 2013).

"We show that isolated capital cities are robustly associated with greater levels of corruption across US states, in line with the view that this isolation reduces accountability. We then provide direct evidence that the spatial distribution of population relative to the capital affects different accountability mechanisms: newspapers cover state politics more when readers are closer to the capital, voters who live far from the capital are less knowledgeable and interested in state politics, and they turn out less in state elections. We also find that isolated capitals are associated with more money in state-level campaigns, and worse public good provision."

This work was widely covered by the media: New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post (Wonkblog), NPR (ici et ici), NY Daily News, American Prospect, Foreign Policy, Marginal Revolution, Monkey Cage, The Atlantic Citylab, Nevada Public Radio, Charlotte NC's NPR News source, among others.

Read also the LIEPP Working Paper "Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability, and Corruption: Evidence from US States" (march 2013, n°12) by Quoc-Anh Do and Filipe R. Campante.