The project brings together researchers from Sciences Po specialised in 4 disciplines and affiliated to 4 of its research units:

The LIEPP also welcomes researchers in Law and History, scholars, doctoral and post doc students from other universities committed in public policies evaluation.

Group photo HavreSome members of LIEPP in Havre, June 2017


Sciences Po affiliates

Chercheurs de Sciences Po activement impliqués dans les activités du LIEPP


External affiliates


Policy fellows

  • Julien BLASCO (Insee)
  • Nicolas MATYJASIK (IGPDE (Institut de Gestion Publique & de Développement Économique)) Evaluation methodologies
  • Jérôme MINONZIO (Département de la recherche, Caisse nationale des allocations familiales) Social policies


Senior policy fellows


PhD Students




Other LIEPP staff