Rebuilding Europe 2016

A Proposal for Enhancing the EU Response to the Refugee Crisis
  • CC BY-NC 2.0 refugees by climattalkin on FlickrCC BY-NC 2.0 refugees by climattalkin on Flickr

How to address the refugee crisis in European countries ? Master students in European Affairs (MEA) program, who took LIEPP Assistant Professor Jan Rovny's course, "Rebuilding Europe", were tasked with formulating solution to the refugee crisis.

The LIEPP - sponsored course was an innovative exercise for students from three campuses across Europe - Sciences Po in Paris, the University of Gothenburg, and Charles University in Prague - in formulating and negotiating policy. Students at each institution were tasked with formulating a solution to the crisis and were then challenged to negotiate a final proposal altogether. 

The final proposal on refugee crisis in Europe is avalaible here

View the final proposal from class 2015 on Greek Crisis