Policies and Job Seekers

"How Do Policies and Programs Affect Job Seekers’ Earnings?"
Rafael Lalive, 24 avril 2012

Rafael Lalive is professor of economics at University of Lausanne. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at University of Zurich in July 2001.

His research interests include social interactions in labor market outcomes, the effects of unemployment insurance on unemployment duration, and compensating wage differentials. Among others, he has published in journals such as the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Public Economics and the Journal of the European Economic Association.

He has recently published “Counterfactuals and causal inference: Methods and principles for social research” with J. Antonakis, Review of S. L. Morgan and C. Winship. Structural Equation Modeling, 18, (2011).

Tuesday, 24 April 2012  - 12:30 - 14:00
Sciences Po, salle H405 - 28 rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris