LIEPP In the Media: January-July 2016

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LIEPP In the Medias: January-June 2016




  • Bruno Palier, LIEPP's co-director, is the guest of the month of the site Histoire Ordinaires under the theme of Social Investment: "Investissement social : mieux préparer pour avoir moins à réparer" (Social Investment: Better Prepare Than Repair). read the interview.  


  • Etienne Wasmer, LIEPP's co-director, is the co-author of a study of the Council of Economic Analysis/Conseil d'analyse économique (CAE)  under the theme: "La fuite des cerveaux est-elle un phénomène inéluctable ?" (The Brain Drain Phenomena, Is It Inevitable ?) The results of the study was cited on various medias such as: Europe 1Le MondeChallenge SoirLes Echos, and France 24.   
  • The seminar on Educational Reforms in France, organised by LIEPP's Educational Policies Research Group was the subject of an article on the site of café pédagogique.
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