LIEPP Graduate Student Seminar

LIEPP Graduate Student Seminar 2017-2018

Coordinated by : Quoc Anh Do and Anne Revillard
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The LIEPP Graduate Student Seminar is open to all Sciences Po doctoral students with an interest in interdisciplinary dialogue and/or policy evaluation. The main aim of the seminar is to provide support for graduate student research and professional development. The seminar is also conceived as a way to increase interdisciplinary dialogue between graduate students and faculty, developing their research on public-policy related issues in economics, political science and sociology. The seminar provides opportunities for all involved researchers to get closer knowledge of the various research fields within LIEPP , creating opportunities for informal exchange, as well as formal collaboration. The seminar is based on student presentations of their on-going research, followed by an open discussion and faculty feedback. Furthermore, the seminar includes regular presentations by faculty members and visiting researchers on topics of interest to doctoral students.


Schedule for the 2017-2018 season 


The seminar will be held from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm (sandwich lunch will be provided) in LIEPP's conference room (254 boulevard St Germain, 1st floor ; Press the button P, then ring the bell on the right).


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Monday October 16th : Introduction du séminaire et organisation des séances   


Monday November 13th: “Dismantling the "Jungle": Refugee Relocation and Extreme Voting in France" -  Max Viskanic (coauthored with Paul Vertier)


Monday November 20th: “Academic writing in English”


Monday December 4th: “Populism and democratic representation” - Paulus Wagner (CEE-LIEPP)


Monday December 11th:

  • "Marchés locaux du logement locatif, inégalités et trajectoires résidentielles des classes moyennes" - Quentin Ramond (OSC-LIEPP)
  • “Gender differences in college students’ career aspirations” - Sophie Cètre (Department of economics)
Monday January 15th
  • "De la modernité à la sobriété : les recompositions du développement agricole à l'aune de la question des pesticides" - Alexis Aulagnier (CSO-LIEPP)
  • “L'internationalisation des politiques publiques visant les bidonvilles, en Colombie et au Brésil" -  Laurie Servières (CERI)  

Monday January 29th 

  • "L'exercice regroupé et coordonné en soins primaires : orienter la transformation des pratiques des professionnels de santé par un nouveau cadre organisationnel. Le cas des maisons de santé pluri-professionnelles en France" - Anne Moyal (CSO-LIEPP) 
  • "Solidarity in Europe before and after the Great Recession" - Maria Jimena Sanhueza (CEVIPOF)

Monday February 12th:

  • Federico Filetti (OSC-LIEPP) 
Monday March 5th: "Labor Taxation and Income Risk over the Cycle" -  Julien Pascal (Department of economics)

Monday March 19th 

  • "TV access, turnout and partisanship: a study of the 2017 electoral crisis in Kenya" - Elisa Mougin (Department of economics) 
  • "Trajectoires migratoires et mécanismes d'intégration en France" - Louise Caron (OSC-LIEPP) 

Monday April 9th:

Quentin Ramond (OSC-LIEPP) - "Quel est le rôle du statut d’occupation du logement dans les dynamiques de ségrégation résidentielle ? Une analyse des principales métropoles françaises (1999-2013)" (What role for housing tenure in residential segregation dynamics? Analysis of the main French urban areas (1999-2013))


Monday June 4th: Discussion on epistemology (led by Alexis Aulagnier (CSO-LIEPP) & Elisa Mougin (Department of economics))



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