Seminar with J. Sindelar

Behavioural economics & tobacco, Sept. 22
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Seminar with Jody Sindelar (Yale University) 

Using behavioral economics to change behavior

Jody Sindelar (Yale)

Visiting, September 2014
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Peter Bearman

Seminar : understanding the prevalence of autism, May 28 2014
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"Understanding the prevalence of autism"

A seminar by Peter Bearman(Department of Sociology, Columbia University)


Introduction and discussion by Daniel Benamouzig and Henri Bergeron, (directors of LIEPP's "Health Policy" research group)

Wednesday, 28th May 2014, 10h-12h

28 rue des Saints Pères

D. Benamouzig in the JDD

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Drug prices: the director of the "health policy research group" writes a report on Lucentis for the HAS 

An article in the JDD mentions a rapport written by Daniel Benamouzig (CSO/CNRS), co-director of LIEPP's "health policy research group", on the drug Lucentis.

D. Benamouzig's article for the CGSP

"Health policy" research group
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Daniel Benamouzig signs a note for the CGSP

The co-director of the "Health policy" research group is the author of an article on drug prices for the Policy Planning Commission (CGSP)

Daniel Benamouzig, co-director of LIEPP's "health policy" research group has co-authored, with Virginie Gimbert an artic

Politiques du handicap

Journée d'étude : 27 janvier
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Politiques du handicap 

Treatment for ADHD & child outcomes

Seminar with M. Stabile (6 May 2013)
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The Interdisciplinary Research Centre for the Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) and the Master of Public Affairs (MPA) are pleased to invite you to a joint seminar

The effects of extending treatment for ADHD (TDAH) on child outcomes


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