Sciences Po for all

True to its commitment to openness, Sciences Po offers online courses available to everyone.


Through these courses, anyone seeking to learn can take advantage of lectures with the same multidisciplinary and international character, originality and high academic quality as the courses offered at Sciences Po.

Espace Mondial, by Bertrand Badie

How are global perspectives reshaping public action and social behaviours?

  • 12 sessions. This course is intended for a wide audience.
  • English version available on Coursera.

Scientific Humanities (Eng), by Bruno Latour

How can we address issues that defy traditional distinctions between science, morality, politics and society?

  • 6 sessions. This course is intended for students.
  • From 15 June to 29 July on Coursera

Cities Are Back in Town: Urban Sociology for a Globalizing Urban World (Eng), by Patrick Le Galès

How can we better understand models of urban analysis in the social sciences and fully grasp today’s urban development issues?

  • 8 sessions. This course is intended for students.
  • From 15 September to 10 November 2015 on Coursera. Registration is open.

Politics and Economics of International Energy (Eng), by Giacomo Luciani

How can we better understand the social, economic and political impact of energy resource issues? 

  • 8 sessions. This course is intended for a wide audience. 
  • Next session as of September 2015 on FUN

Géopolitique de l’Europe (Fr), by Sylvain Kahn

In search of a dynamic approach to address issues and tensions within the European Union, as well as the EU's interaction with the rest of the world.

  • Progressive learning course including 6 sessions, 6 serious games, a forum, videos, soundcloud tracks and maps.
  • This course is intended for a wide academic and professional audience

This course is intended for a wide academic and professional audience. As of 02 February 2015 on FUN (fr). Registration open until 14 March 2015.



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Sciences Po students in the library

Digital campus

For the past 10 years, Sciences Po has been working to incorporate digital tools into its teaching: shared work spaces, eCourses, learning platform, online cartography library, controversy mapping, etc. As such, it was only natural for the institution to turn towards the MOOC format and new possibilities in the field of educational innovation.