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School of Management and Innovation - open in a new windowThe Dual Diploma Program with Fudan University is being integrated into the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation launched in October 2016.
Current students will continue studying in their original Master's programme.
Their programme may undergo a few alterations related to the School's organisation for the 2017/2018 academic year.

An innovative curriculum devoted to Communication and Media

The Communication and Media dual degree is available to all students who are interested in analysing European and Asian media and in developing adequate skills to work in the communications sector. It will also help to understand the different approaches Asians and Europeans have to governing Medias and Communications Groups.

It offers two degrees to students who successfully complete the two-year program: an MA from Sciences-Po and an equivalent master's degree from Fudan University in Shanghai.

Our aim is to educate students from all over the world to become specialists in Media and Communication, with a particular focus on the Asian and European areas.

Besides language prerequisites, Chinese, French and English classes will be given to enable to improve the linguistic level.

Graduates of this dual degree will have access to a wide range of career openings in the communications and media industries, whether it is in private or public institutions, advertising groups and Marketing search institutes.


Online application only

Please check the language requirements for this program Candidates can apply via the Sciences Po website.

More information on the admissions procedure can be found here.

Questions regarding admissions procedures (application, scholarship, requirements, etc.) should be directed to Sciences Po admissions

Applications will be received centrally at Sciences Po, where they will be examined by a joint admissions board comprising representatives of both Fudan U and Sciences Po. Applicants will be notified by email and, if admitted, by post.

IMPORTANT : Deferral will no longer be possible after admission.
NB: this application is specific to this program and may not be considered as automatically valuable to other programs offered by both institutions.


Fudan University School of Journalism has an exclusive and new English-language website dedicated to the double Masters program in Communication and Media, covering details of Year 2 in Shanghai program structure, tuition fee, application, compulsory and optional courses, Mandarin language study courses, social and cultural events and program alumni. For details of year 2 at Fudan please visit:  Fudan year tuition fee is 80000RMB.


Application to Fudan-Sciences Po Communication & Media double master degree program

International Applicants:

Please visit:

Applicants from mainland China- Junior collegestudents who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including students who are already enrolled in undergraduate programs in Fudan University and other prestigious mainland Chinese universities, are eligible to apply to this program through the recommendation (推荐) system, which enables qualified undergraduate students to participate in graduate programs without taking the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination. Interested applicants should first apply, in September, to track three of Fudan School of Journalism’s two-year professional master degree programCommunication & Media Double Master Degree Program. Applicants are required to have, or expect to have, a minimum GPA 3.5 (or equivalent) from their previous study, as well as meeting the necessary language entry requirements.

For details, please visit the following webpage:

Applicants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao– Applicants who are citizens of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, are required by Chinese law to complete the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao applicants and meet all the requirements, before their applications are jointly reviewed by Fudan University and Sciences Po.

For details, please visit the following webpage:           

Important:Please consult with Fudan University of School of Journalism before submitting an application.


Mr. Wang Kun,

Program Coordinator, Sciences Po-Fudan Double-Degree
Fudan University – School of Journalism
Tel: 00-86-21-55664686





Scolarship at Sciences Po

During the first year the international students can also apply to the Chinese Government Scholarship program for Year 2. Information is provided by Sciences Po.

From Fall 2012, and thanks to Jerome Lohez Foundation, a new scholarship is available for this special degree.

The Jerome Lohez Foundation was launched in November 2005 in honor of Jérôme Robert Lohez, a French citizen who passed away in the North tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

The foundation’s mission is to foster international unity and cultural understanding by supporting graduate academic exchanges in higher education, in honor of those diverse citizens who perished in the 2001 attacks in New York City.
The Graduate Dual-Degree Program in Communication is a transnational joint-venture between Sciences Po in France and Fudan University in China.

The universities have partnered with the Jerome Lohez 9/11 Scholarship Foundation to open scholarship opportunities for Chinese and French students who are enrolled in the graduate dualdegree program. The first year of study will take place in Paris, and the second year of study will take place in Shanghai.

Please visit our websites

Programme of studies

The dual degree Sciences Po - Fudan University in Communication and Media is a two-year program.

The first year will be spent at Sciences Po, (at the School of Communication) and the second year will take place (within SOJ) at Fudan University.

Students remain enrolled in both institutions for both years and will therefore benefit from all services available to students (free access to library, student unions, career services …).

The program is multidisciplinary. Students will follow courses in Sociology, Economics, Branding and Communication Strategy, Law, Media analysis and Political Philosophy. Students will take two language classes at Sciences Po, to be chosen from Chinese and French.

Assessment criteria will be the same for all students enrolled in the master.

A two-month internship is mandatory after the second semester, between June and September.

At Fudan University, students will write a thesis in English, which they will defend in front of a jury.

Final graduation will depend on the student meeting assessment criteria for both years of the program. Students therefore receive a temporary degree at Sciences Po in July and graduate definitely upon completion of the program at Fudan University the following year.