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GLM Study Trip to a large metropolis is an important building block of the pedagogical project of GLM master's programme. The trip takes place during the first year of the programme, during the winter break (early January).

Raphaelle Roffo, GLM M1 Student

"During 6 very intense days, we attended many meetings and conferences on key issues and major stakes of Istanbul's governance, each more stimulating than the other. It was a unique opportunity to learn from specialists and stakeholders, whom we could directly ask our questions to. It really increased my own curiosity towars this city that I now want to explore again ! Besides, the challenge of producing a collective report synthetizing and problematizing the whole trip pushed us further in linking all those various components that are part of the urban fabric. Somehow, I believe this multi-angle approach perfectly reflects the diversity of our own profiles and our common interest in the Large Metropolis."

Casablanca-Rabat, Morocco (January 2015)

The 2015 GLM 52 students visited the metropolitan region of Casablanca - Rabat-Salé in Morocco, from January 11 to 17, 2015.

The trip was aimed at understanding the metropolitan development of Casablanca and its links with Rabat. How this process of metropolization is governed, by whom and with which kind of outcomes? What are the priorities in terms of infrastructural policies? And what is not governed? What is the role played by flows and networks of individuals between the two cities? What is the balance between competition and cooperation between the two centres? Is the process led only by infrastructural policies or also by cultural and social policies (notably around problems of housing in the broad metropolitan region)?

During the study trip students have looked for a series of insights trying to answer these questions. They have played an active role in asking questions and trying to grasp the coalition of actors and interests within the two cities, the cost and financing scheme of metropolitan policies, the relationship between the Morocco State, the administrative capital city of Rabat and Casablanca, the main economic centre. They have looked at the coordinating instruments of the different administrative bodies, and the overlapping of private and public agencies involved in the regulation of emerging policies at the metropolitan scale.

2015 Report on Casablanca-Rabat (PDF, 3.6 Mo)

Casablanca-Tangier, Morocco (January 2014)

The 2014 GLM students visited the metropolitan regions of Casablanca and Tangier in Morocco, from January 9th to 15th, 2014. 47 students were accompanied by 3 professors (Tommaso Vitale, Agnès Deboulet and Régine Serra). This study trip was prepared during the Fall with a guest lecture of Victor Said, senior urbanist at IAU, Paris. The study trip aimed at observing the dynamics of metropolisation in two major port cities of the region, and addressed the issues of economic development, social inclusion and great projects.

2014 Report on Casablanca-Tangier (PDF, 2.5 Mo)

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