Interview with Juliette Galonnier, Assistant Professor

Juliette Galonnier CERI Sciences PoJuliette Galonnier joined CERI on September 1, 2019 as Assistant Professor. She has agreed to answer our questions and give us a short overview of her research.


It is not without a certain emotion that I am joining CERI today. Indeed, I was initiated to social science research by researchers of this very centre, ten years ago. When I was a Masters student (2009-2010) at Sciences Po’s Graduate school, I worked with Violette Graff (1924-2017), using her archives on riots opposing Muslims and Hindus in India. This research led us to publish a chronological index in the Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence . I also contributed to the Muslims in Indian Cities project coordinated by Christophe Jaffrelot and Laurent Gayer, which allowed me to study the effects of riots on the segregation of the Muslim minority in the city of Aligarh, in India.