Justice is Steady Work. A Conversation on Political Theory with Astrid von Busekist

Astrid von BusekistMichael Walzer and Astrid von Busekist have recently published a book entitled Penser la justice. Itinéraire du savoir. Forthcoming in English as Justice is Steady Work, this book is a conversation between two thinkers, dealing with some of the main themes addressed by Michael Walzer during his career. Professor of political theory Astrid von Busekist has accepted to answer our questions and to present this thought-provoking dialogue.

Can you trace the genesis of this project?

Astrid von Busekist: Very simple: I asked Michael Walzer whether he would be interested in having a conversation about his work, starting with his first pieces in Dissent about the civil rights movement at the end of the 1950s. He immediately agreed and our discussions have been very lively. We talked about his career as a professor, researcher, editor, political activist, in general and biographical terms; but we also addressed very specific problems pertaining to the interpretation of his books or articles and his quite unique position as a political theorist and public intellectual in contemporary America. Nations, states, borders, multilateralism, Israel and Palestine were also on board.