What is the Israeli peace camp? An interview with Samy Cohen

The English translation of Samy Cohen’s book on the peace camp in Israel has just been released. The book is the result of several years of field work and historical analysis of the Israeli peace camp. Doves Among Hawks. Struggles of the Israeli Peace Movements is published jointly by Hurst Publishers and Oxford University Press. What is the Israeli peace camp? Why has it been marginalized? Emeritus Professor Samy Cohen answers our questions on the topic.

What does the peace camp represent in Israel?

The Israeli peace camp represents a loosely-structured group that can be organized into four clusters.

The first includes organizations that do top-down peace-building and are trying to come up with a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Geneva Initiative, for example, lead a major reflexive effort with the Palestinians, which produced a comprehensive and detailed peace plan...


Islamic Networks between South Asia and the Gulf


Over the last fifty years, pan-Islamic ties have intensified between South Asia and the Gulf. Gathering together some of the best specialists on the subject, Laurence Louër and Christophe Jaffrelot explore these ideological, educational and spiritual networks in a book entitled Pan Islamic Connections. Transnational Networks between South Asia and the Gulf (Hurst & Co, December 2017).