Enrico Gualini

2017-04 - 2017-07

Visiting Professor

Technische Universität Berlin - Berlin University of Technology
ISR Institut für Stadt und Regionalplanung - Institute of Urban and Regional Planning

Thème de recherche

Production of space and political dimension of socio-spatial practices, analysis of spatial development policies and governance practices, contention and conflict in urban development and planning, planning-theoretical debates

picture of GualiniEnrico Gualini is full Professor of Planning Theory and Urban-Regional Policy Analysis at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning of Technische Universität Berlin - Berlin University of Technology (since 2006). After gaining his Master’s Degree (1988) and his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning (1997) from Politecnico di Milano he was affiliated as researcher and lecturer with the Department of Spatial Planning of the University of Dortmund (Marie Curie fellowship 1997-2000) and as senior researcher (2001-2003) and assistant professor (2003-2006) with the Department of Geography Planning and International Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam. He has been a visiting scholar at numerous universities in Europe and the US, including UC Berkeley, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Palermo, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is founder-coordinator of the AESOP Planning/Conflict thematic group. Among his recent publications are Planning and Conflict: Critical Reflections on Contentious Urban Developments (ed., London/New York 2015) and Conflict in the City: Contested Urban Spaces and Local Democracy (co-ed., Berlin 2015). He is currently co-editing a volume on Constructing Metropolitan Space: Actors, Policies and Processes of Rescaling in World Metropolises (forthc. 2017).


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