Research Team

Jenny Andersson
+33145498382, Bureau F401
Political economy of social democracy
political history of neoliberalism
transnational history
histories of prediction in the global field
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Cultural theory of law, Historical anthropology of western law, Legal norms, cultural norms, Lawyers: history, culture, perspectives
Legal history
Sociology of law
Richard Balme
Environmental and Climate Governance, EU-China Relations, Institutions and Public Policy
Cyril Benoît
Political Economy
Public Policy
Legislative Studies
Philippe Bezes
Administrative Reform Policy and State Reform, Transformations of Bureaucracy in Comparative Perspective, Sociology of Administration, Public Policy Analysis, Organizational Changes and State Rationalization, Public Finance
Administrative Reform Policy and State Reform
Transformations of Bureaucracy in Comparative Perspective
Sociology of Administration
Public Policy Analysis
Organizational Changes and State Rationalization
Public Finance
Dominique Boullier
Digital sociology and sociology of the digital world
attention economy, social media
propagation and influence
digital city, sociopolitical stakes of digital architectures
social sciences and Machine Learning
digital methods, digital replications 3rd generation social sciences
Laurie Boussaguet
Sociology of public action, European governance
Bruno Cousin
Urban sociology - Forms and institutions of sociability - Sociology of elites, upper-middle classes and inequalities - Cultural sociology - International comparison - Europe and Americas
Marco Cremaschi
Grands projets urbains en perspective comparée agenda urbain et Union européenne migrants et métropoles, les politiques urbaines dans la crise
Renaud Dehousse
Constitutional law
Public decision and political decision
Political institutions
European Union
Florence Faucher
Political parties
Political cultures
Political anthropology
Ecology and environment
Caterina Froio
Political parties
Political participation
Extremism, radicalism and populism
William Genieys
Comparative sociology of elites
The programmatic approach of policy change
Recomposition of states elites power : The governement of insiders
Emiliano Grossman
+33145495074, Bureau B401, 4e ét.
Political institutions
Political economy
Comparative politics
European integration
Interest Groups
Virginie Guiraudon
European integration
Transnational mobilization
Inequality and discrimination
Florence Haegel
+33145497737, Office C308, 3th F
Political parties and the party system; the transformation of the parties of the right; socialisation, political talk participation; citizens’ attitudes to Europe; focus groups.
Charlotte Halpern
+33145498692, Bureau C310, 3e ét.
Public action, Urban sociology, Public policies, Social movements, European Union
Colin Hay
European integration
Pierre Lascoumes
Sociology of law
Public action
Patrick Le Galès
Public action
European Union
Local policy
Urban sociology
Public policies
Large metropolises
Patrick Le Lidec
+33145497749, Bureau B402
Public administration
Sociology of public action
Political sociology
Nonna Mayer
Sociology of political behaviours
Racism and antisemitism
Inequality and democracy
Radical right
Laura Morales
+33145495621 - Bureau A204
Comparative politics
Comparative political behaviour and political organisations
The politics of immigration
Nathalie Morel
Socio-fiscal policies
Childcare and ederly care policies
Social investment policies
Political economy of domestic work
Bruno Palier
Welfare system
Public policies
European Union
Jan Rovny
+33145498678, Bureau C305, 3e ét.
Political competition in Europe, Ideological conflict lines in Europe
Olivier Rozenberg
Political institutions
parliaments and legislators
Sociology of legislators
Matthias Thiemann
Political economy of financial regulation in Europe
The power of ideas on the development of financial regulation
Tommaso Vitale
Structural contexts of integration opportunities
Border control
Tensions between endogenous and exogenous mechanisms of urban change
Dissemination and legitimization mechanisms of racism
The voluntary sector lobbying and political influence on large metropolis governments
Roma and Sinti in European cities
Cornelia Woll
+33145497687-Bur. F401
European political economy
Financial regulation
Lobbying and interest groups
Natasha Wunsch
European integration, EU enlargement, comparative democratisation, Western Balkans