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GREENUT - Green Growth and Urban Utilities development programs in South East Asia: a comparative analysis of Metromanila and Iskandar


The GREENUT program managed to bring together a group of scholars from different disciplines gravitating around the issue of green growth programs and sustainability issues pertaining to the development management and regulation of utilities.

The project GREENUT (USPC-NUS) has dwelt into the issue of green growth, urban development, utilities and public services provision. The research, has explored the dimensions of sustainability given the current governance and contextual features of Asian cities, with a specific look to South East Asia, and to Singapore, The Philippines and Malaysia; the provision of public services and the principles of efficiency, affordability and reliability; the issue of ownership and Public Private Partnership and its impact on service provision and an integrated management of urban services. Field research carried out in MetroManila (The Philippines) and Iskandar (Malaysia). The empirical research results shed lights about how sustainability and economic growth policy frameworks evolve in the present day in the region

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EUcopas : Newsletter N°1

EUCOPAS was initiated in September 2015 as Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence together with our partner Sciences Po Paris. Our newsletter will be published yearly presenting all EUCOPAS activities. In October, we started with a public lecture on the European Monetary Union and Grexit. Not only researchers participated in the lively debate but also the interested public was eager to exchange ideas on the future of the Eurozone. In January, we continued with an excellent PhD Workshop in Paris. Young researchers presented their work in an academically fruitful environment.

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