• Le Havre campus entrance ©Martin Argyroglo / Sciences PoLe Havre campus entrance ©Martin Argyroglo / Sciences Po

Le Havre campus of Sciences Po opened its doors in 2007, hosting the Europe-Asia programme. It delivers the Sciences Po Bachelor degree in social sciences and caters to students from all around the world, mainly from Europe and from Asia.

The core curriculum of the degree is taught in English and offers a comparative perspective (Asia / Europe). All undergraduate courses are designed in a multidisciplinary spirit: through history, law, economics, sociology, political science and the humanities, students develop their critical thinking as well as a fine understanding of the world they live in.

Academic programs and methods are innovative, combining international best practices, social sciences courses and intensive language classes. Students will master at least English, French, and one Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi or Indonesian).

Our students stay two years in Le Havre, and one year abroad, either as an exchange student in one of our 400 partner universities or as intern in a firm, a NGO or an international organization.

After the Bachelor, students can join the Paris campus for a Master’s programme, or continue their studies at another university in or outside France.

Our Europe-Asia Campus is situated in Le Havre, a coastal city in the Normandy region. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has historic links to Asia, Le Havre being the main French trading port with Asia. The building is new and has been built thanks to the support of local government institutions: City of Reims, CODAH and Normandy.

The Europe-Asia Campus team would be very happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us.