University calendar

First semester 2017-2018

Fall semester : 25th august 2017 to 22nd january 2018
Periods Title
July 10th Online course registrations:
  • 3.00pm to 5.00pm Euro-American Programme, 2nd year students
July 11th Online course registrations:
  • 2.00pm to 5.00pm Euro-American Programme, 1st year students
July 13th Online course registrations:
  • 9.30am to 11.00am. Europe-Africa Programme, 1st year students
  • 12.00am to 13.30am. Europe-Africa Programme, 2nd year students
  • 3.00pm to 5.00pm Exchange students
August 25th Welcome & information meeting (Year 1)
August 28th to September 2nd Welcome program - Methodology seminar (exchange students)
August 28th to September 1st Welcome program - Methodology seminar (Year 1)
September 4th Courses start
September 4th to September 9th Week 1
September 11th to September 16th Week 2
September 18th to September 23th Week 3
September 25th to September 30th Week 4
October 2nd to October 7th Week 5
October 9th to October 14th Week 6
October 16th to October 21th Week 7
October 23rd to October 28th Week 8
October 14th and/or October 21st or October 28th or November 18th Midterm exams (to be confirmed)
October 30th to November 5th Fall Break
November 6th to November 10th Week 9
November 13th to November 18th Week 10
November 20th to November 25th Week 11
November 27th to December 22nd Week 12
December 4th to December 9th Week 13 (make-up courses)
December 11th to December 14th Reading week (to be confirmed)
Deceùber 15th to December 21st Final exams (to be confirmed)
December 22nd 2017 to January 22nd 2018 Christmas Break

Second semester 2017-2018

  • Spring term : from January 22nd (Winter School) to the end of May 2018
  • Exchange students (New comers): From January 22nd (Integration week) to the end of May 2018