Europe-Africa Programme

First year

During the first year, students are introduced primarily to the concepts and methods of five core disciplines: law, economics, history, sociology and political science. This multidisciplinary curriculum is supplemented by specific courses covering the continent as a whole, and its relations with Europe.

Second year

In the second year, students follow a bilingual French-English curriculum. They are invited to choose specific themes in each of the disciplines taught at Sciences Po and also to choose a discipline for more in-depth study. The courses taught during this second year will focus more particularly on comparative aspects and regional differences within Africa or with the rest of the world.

Third year

The third year must be spent abroad, generally in Africa, either in the form of a study abroad programme or an internship in a company or public institution.


The programme is bilingual. Courses are taught both in French and in English. Courses are taught in French during the first semester, but adaptations are possible for Anglophone students (to enter the programme the candidate must have a C1 level in one of the two main languages of the programme and A2 in the other one minimum). Anglophone students also receive intensive French language training. Almost half of the courses are taught in English during the second semester. All students must also study a second language, to be chosen from Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili.


Another important educational objective of this undergraduate programme is to foster teamwork and the spirit of innovation through art workshops (introduction to African arts), work on a group project and an introduction to research aimed at encouraging contact between students. The multicultural experience of a programme designed to bring together students from very different backgrounds helps develop a spirit of open-mindedness and mutual understanding.