Sciences Po offers two distincts programmes: the three-year undergraduate (Bachelor) and the two-year Masters programmes.

Undergradudate studies consist of two years of studies on one of seven campuses of the Sciences Po University College System, and the final year (3rd year) spent abroad (outside France) in a university-exchange study or in an NGO, business or governmental internship. Upon obtention of their Bachelor's degree, students can pursue a Masters on the Paris campus or at another university.

With respect to the Masters, Sciences Po offers two different possibilities: the professional masters, which specifically prepare for the labour market, and the Ph.D programme, at the end of which stands the Ph.D thesis. Both cover several disciplines and specialisations. Additionally, Sciences Po also proposes a number of dual degree programs with prestigious French and international universities.

Sciences Po admits graduate students (Bachelor) from other French and international universities. There are different procedures for gaining admission.

Academic study is organised by semesters (S1 through S4 in Reims) and the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is used for validating coursework. Each student must take the fundamental courses block and may choose, in addition, from a number of elective courses.

Presentation of the courses