The Reims Campus of Sciences Po opened its doors in 2010, hosting the Euro-American studies program, a Bachelor Degree in the social sciences that caters to students from around the world, including a strong presence of those from the United States, Canada and Europe. The core curriculum of the Degree is taught in English and offers a comparative perspective (North America / Europe).

Since September 2015, the Reims Campus is hosting the Europe-Africa studies program of Sciences Po. Students on the degree come from all parts of Africa and the world. This is an ambitious program to prepare future leaders for both private and public sectors of African nations.


One campus, three programmes

Euro-American programme

An unique synthesis between the European and American approaches, integrated in the specific Sciences Po educational model


Europe-Africa programme

A multidisciplinary curriculum, enhanced with a special focus on the African continent, its challenges and its specific relations with Europe


Exchange programme

A certificate-awarding exchange programme for students who wish to enhance their studies in international relations