Slide Law and Economics Policy Initiative

The 21st century has witnessed radical transformations in the way humans live, communicate and interact with their non-human environment: the rise of the internet and tech giants, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data analytics, climate emergency, rising inequalities across the globe despite the promises of globalisation…

The century calls for a paradigm shift in law and economics, raising numerous questions. Are our laws adequately addressing the new needs of our societies? How do we rethink competition law when players are growing larger and beyond borders and traditional measures of concentration no longer apply? Should we rethink the articulation between industrial and competition policy? How can we use our economic tools and methods to assess and design flexible rules and regulations fir for the digital world? How does big data affect judicial decision making? How can we address the regulatory challenges that climate emergency raises? Have laws reinforced the rising inequalities both within and amongst different states?

The creation of the group “Law and Economics Policy Initiative” aims to address these questions and generally treat subjects where law and economics are intertwined. It is an interdisciplinary venture, building on the strengths of the Department of Economics and the Law School at Sciences Po, but it will ultimately involve the entire Sciences Po community. 

The group will be organized around three main themes:

  • Antitrust, industrial and innovation policy
  • Big data, financial regulation, consumer protection, predictive justice and use of data in sentencing
  • Rethinking law and economics to address climate emergency
2 March 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Markets and the Law

Giacomo Calzolari (EUI) and Tom C.W. Lin (Temple) will discuss their recent work on the economic and societal impact of algorithmic collusion and the use of AI in financial markets, as well as the role law should play at the crossroads of AI and markets.
20 January 2021

A New Era in Antitrust

The speakers will discuss their recent work on antitrust, the rise of monopoly power and the future of capitalism. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A with the participants. Click on the post to watch the webinar.
9 December 2020

Law and Inequality with Thomas Piketty and Katharina Pistor

LEPI's first webinar on Law and Inequality took place on 7 December 2020 with Thomas Piketty and Katharina Pistor. Click on the post to watch the webinar.