Mirna Safi

Associate Professor at Sciences Po and Head of OSC
  • Mirna Safi (photo Alexis Lecomte)Mirna Safi (photo Alexis Lecomte)

contact: mirna.safi(at)sciencespo.fr - Tel: 01  45 49 54 78

Mirna Safi is Associate Professor at Sciences Po, attached to the OSC since 2007. She is Head of OSC since January 1, 2019.
Fellows of the European Academy of Sociology (since 2019).


Research topics

Mirna Safi is interested in immigration, ethnic and racial inequality, discrimination and segregation. Her current research focuses on impact of immigration on ethnoracial stratification in the French society, anti-discrimination policies at the workplace, ethnic minority, residential mobility and locational choice.

Latest publications

  • 2019, Migration and Inequality, Polity Press.
  • 2019 (avec Cris Beauchemin),  "Migrants’ connections within and beyond borders: insights from the comparison of three categories of migrants in France", Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 43, n° 2 (2020), p. 255-274. 1st published, 1st March 2019. Taylor & Francis Online
  • 2018 (with Haley McAvay), Is there really such thing as immigrant spatial assimilation in France? Desegregation trends and inequality along ethnoracial lines, Social Science Research, vol. 73, p. 45-62. Sciences Direct link  
  • 2017, "Promoting Diversity in French Workplaces: Targeting and Signaling Ethnoracial Origin  in a Colorblind Context", Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, september [online]. SAGE Journals link
  • 2017, "Immigrants in the labour markets of France and the United Kingdom: Integration models, institutional variations, and ethnic inequalities", Migration Studies, vol. 6, n° 2, p. 225-250. Oxford Academic link
  • 2017, "Varieties of Transnationalism and its Changing Determinants across Immigrant Generations: Evidence from French data", International Migration Review, March. Wiley Online Library 
  • 2015 (avec Romain Aeberhardt et Roland Rathelot), « Les difficultés scolaires et professionnelles des jeunes issus de l’immigration : effet de l’origine ou effets géographiques ? », Population, vol. 70, n° 3, p. 599-635. En ligne sur CAIRN
  • 2015 (avec Cris Beauchemin et Hugues Lagrange), « Liens transnationaux et intégration : entre ici et là-bas », in Cris Beauchemin, Christelle Hamel et Patrick Simon (dir.), Trajectoire et origines : enquête sur la diversité des populations en France, Paris, INED éditions, col. « Grandes Enquêtes », 2015, p. 87-115.
  • 2015 (avec Yaël Brinbaum et Patrick Simon), « Les discriminations en France : entre perception et expérience », in Cris Beauchemin, Christelle Hamel et Patrick Simon (dir.), Trajectoire et origines : enquête sur la diversité des populations en France, Paris, INED éditions, col. « Grandes Enquêtes », 2015, p. 413-442.  
  • 2015 (with François Bonnet, Étienne Lalé, Étienne Wasmer), “Better residential than ethnic discrimination! Reconciling audit’s and interview findings in the Parisian housing market”, Urban Studies, published online before print July 28 (doi: 10.1177/0042098015596107). Also available: LIEPP Working Paper n° 36, February, "Better residential than ethnic discrimination! Reconciling audit’s findings and interviews’ findings in the Parisian housing market", with Appendix.
  • 2014, Shifting Focus: Policies to Support the Labour Market. Integration of New Immigrants in France, The Migration Policy Institute, October 2014, 33 p.  
  • 2014, « Assimilation » (p. 14), « Seconde génération » (p. 366-367), « Ségrégation ethno-raciale » (p. 367), in Alain Bihr, Roland Pfefferkorn (dir.), Dictionnaire des inégalités, Paris, Armand Colin.
  • 2014, with Patrick Simon, « Les discriminations ethniques et raciales dans l’enquête Trajectoires et Origines : représentations, expériences subjectives et situations vécues », Économie et statistique, n° 464-465-466, p. 245-275.
  • 2013, with Roland Rathelot, "Local ethnic Composition and Natives' and Immigrants' Geographic Mobility in France, 1982-1999", American Sociological Review, vol. 79, n° 1 (2014). SAGE Journals link 
  • 2013, Les inégalités ethno-raciales, Paris, La Découverte, Repères n° 615.
  • 2013, with Denis Fougère, Francis Kramarz, Roland Rathelot, "Social housing and location choices of immigrants in France", International Journal of Manpower, vol. 34, n° 1, p. 56-69.

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