Gosme, Charles

Gosme, Charles

Charles Gosme is a is doctor from Sciences Po Law School.

He holds an undergraduate degree in English Law and French Law from University College London (2008) and a postgraduate degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris (2010). The third year of his undergraduate course was spent at the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.

Under the supervision of Professor Renaud Dehousse, he has nearly completed a Ph.D. thesis entitled "EU management of non-removable third country nationals: limbo spaces between illegal and legal stay." His work focuses on EU immigration law but also brushes across other areas of law including legal philosophy, criminal law and human rights law, as well as non-legal fields of social science.

He has acquired some expertise in his field of study through the provision of legal aid to imprisoned and non-imprisoned third country nationals, by interviewing numerous institutional actors, and through extensive research, writing, and attendance at many conferences and workshops in Boston, Paris, London and Istanbul.

He teaches two courses entitled "European Law on Foreigners" and "European Law on Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants" to undergraduate students at Sciences Po Paris.

He is currently leading an Immigration & Asylum project, in partnership with Paris-based NGOs, under the framework of Sciences Po Law School's Legal Clinic. This project involves the provision of legal aid to irregular migrants and asylum seekers, as well as empirical research on targeted groups of migrants.

Publications : 

Selected publications:

  • C. Gosme, "Does Karl Marx have a normative conception of justice?" (2009) 15 University College London Jurisprudence Review. 21-44.
  • Upcoming publication as a book chapter in a Springer edition: "Trapped between administrative detention, imprisonment and freedom-in-limbo".
  • Upcoming publication as an NGO report: "Report on experiences and the deterrent effect of administrative detention in France".

Selected papers:

  • Paper presented at the 2011 Harvard IGLP Workshop: "Illegally present third country nationals who cannot be removed".
  • Paper presented at the 2012 Crimmigration Workshop in Coimbra: "Trapped between administrative detention, imprisonment and freedom-in-limbo"
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